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Hatha Yoga

"Every time you look into a screen your body and mind start to disconnect. Every time that we move and breath with focus and purpose we recalibrate the connection to our true self." Christopher Harrison

A wonderful combination of Asanas (gentle stretches to realease tension), Pranayama (breathing exercises that promote the energy flow of the body) and meditation that relaxes the nervous system and calms the mind.

60 mins 

$20 casual class

Hatha Yoga.JPG


Honour your stillness, and this will nourish your mind, body and spirit' 

Is a slow paced and meditative style of Yoga, that bridges the active with the passive gracefully. The practice consists of holding a series of supported seated and supine poses for up to 5 mins. This allows a deeper release of fascia (connective tissue) that enables our muscles to lengthen and body to restore. It is though the whole body exhales tension. 

60 mins

$20 casual classes


Qi Gong

'Flowing will get you places forcing never could.'

This is a flowing mindful movement, breath and meditation practice suitable for anyone who wants to improve their physical health, strengthen their psychological resilience and cultivate their internal energetic reserves. Because of the low impact and slow movements it is extremely suitable for those who suffer chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, cancer, diabetes and any other debilitating ailment. There is always a seated option available. You need to experience this class for yourself to feel and believe its therapeutic qualities.

Qi Gong designs a tapestry for a relaxed mind and body.

60 mins

$20 Casual class

Gi Gong.jpg

Aerial Yoga

Zero-Compression Inversions reset your organs, release a happy hormone cocktail and get the kinks out of your neck and back." Christopher Harrison 

If you enjoy yoga, this class will give you a new spin on an ancient practice. Aerial Yoga is a practice that is fused with Yoga poses, Pilates moves and includes several zero compression inversions (hanging upside down) in a silky hammock. Come and challenge yourself in this fun class and leave feeling strong, stretched and relaxed from time spent in the cocoon.

"The cocoon is a place of transformation. In order to feel your wings simply remember the essence of who you are without societal labels and your metamorphosis begins." Christopher Harrison

60 mins

$25 casual class

Aerial Yoga.jpg

Aerial Restorative Yoga

"When you open up space in the body, you open up space in the mind." Christopher Harrison

Aerial Restorative Yoga is a slow paced practice held in the silk Hammock that helps to gently restore and repair the muscular, structural and nervous system of the body. By floating the body just off the floor through a series of gentle, gyro kinetic motions, the entire spine and body is deeply opened, as synovial fluids release into the joints and hydrates the cartilage that cushion them. You will truly feel blissful and rejuvenated after this class.

60 mins

$25 casual class

Restorative Aerial Yoga.jpg

Kids AntiGravity Fitness

"You are only as young as your spine is flexible and your mind is open."Christopher Harrison

This class will have your child talking with eyes wide open for weeks on how he/she performed the spiderman, bat, silkworm, super hero, vitruvian man and butterfly in a green silky hammock. This class develops children's confidence, trust, inner and physical strength, flexibility and lastly calmness as we bring the children into a nurturing cocoon pose at the end of the class where they are encouraged through guided stories to be still (as possible) and relaxed.

BEGINNERS  8wk Block starts Wed  3 February 2021 @3.30pm $175 p/p

EXPERIENCED 8 wk Block starts Wed 3 February 2021 @ 4.30pm $175 p/p

Kids Aerial Yoga with Kate_edited.jpg

 Active Kids Program 

'Educating and inspiring kids to be the strongest version of themselves'


A program for all abilities, led by our experienced coach, Catherine Allen who is a specialist teacher in children's learning difficulties and yoga. 



* Confidence and perseverance in all areas of their life

* Better focus and concentration

* To participate and perform well in sport

* To reduce incidence of injury

* To improve their physical and mental strength and endurance

* To get more enjoyment out of everything they do

This Active Kids Program includes 

* Running Drills 

* Targeted movement and core strength exercises

* Breathing and mental techniques for improved focus, concentration and performance. 

This format will help develop efficient movement, enhance sports performance, academics and behaviour.

45 mins 

$15 Casual Class


FUNctional Fitness

'Exercise is the most potent and under-utilised antidepressant.' 

This class is designed to educate and encourage a sustainable healthy, fit and functional body.
All sessions are varied and incorporate strength training, flexibility, agility, fitness training, core strength and balance, using a combination of fitness equipment. Come and join us on the ride of FUN and fitness.
45 mins
$20 casual class

It is called FUNctional Fitness for a re

Boxing 4 Fitness

"Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up." Rocky Balboa

Energy Depot's Boxing 4 Fitness is a circuit style boxing class that is suitable for all fitness levels. We will coach you on boxing equipment including speed balls, floor to ceiling balls, punching bags, and teach you kicking, striking and basic self defence skills. It is a very motivating class which will challenge you and improve your body's cardiovascular, co-ordination, strength and endurance capabilities and all in all it will make you feel awesome.

45 mins

$20 casual class

Boxing is Fitness_edited.jpg

Teen Yoga


'Building strong bodies, healthy minds and happy spirits.....

through the practice of Yoga, Mindfulness, Connection to Self and Community.

Potential Benefits:

  • develop a greater sense of self during this critical stage of life

  • better recognize signs of stress & pressure

  • learn & apply practical exercises & techniques to manage stress & anxiety

  • improved physical and mental strength and endurance

  • injury prevention

  • improved sports performance

Led by experienced coach and children's specialist teacher, Catherine 


60 mins

$15 per Teen 

Bookings essential – call Catherine on 0408 442 295

Client Testimonials

I thoroughly recommend attending Energy Depot, Leanne brings her wealth of experience, great personality and caring attitude to every class.

I love the variety and quality of every class at Energy Depot. During an average week I can really mix up my attendance. From boxing and functional fitness where I get a full on fun workout with a fantastic vibe and energy, to yoga, aerial yoga and Qi Gong, when I come away feeling relaxed and calm. Both Leanne and Mark are true professionals, no class is ever the same and we have so much friendly good natured fun together, whilst getting fitter and more energized! 

There is no studio or class quite like Energy Depot anywhere. It all comes from Leanne's loving caring and fun attitude, spiced up with great backing from hubby Mark. I travel 30 mins to get to Samford to take part, as I love the vibe, the energy and the friendly group of people that are all part of Energy Depot!

Ashley Wood

I found Energy Depot originally as I love Yoga. For a couple of years I just did Lea's Yoga classes on Saturday morning and Tuesday night. I love the originality and the beautiful spiritual side of each class and of course there is always a challenge. 

For the past three and a half years I have done all the classes. My Saturday morning exercise routine starts at 7 am with Mark's Boxing class which is so much fun, then coffee with the crew then back for a good stretch in the 8.30 am Aerial Yoga practice with Lea. Wednesday and Friday mornings at 5.45am is Functional Fitness, which is very challenging but GREAT! There is always something new to try, and I am continually pushed to change my normal. I am so glad I found them.😁🙏

Robyn Turner

I have been training with Lea for over 12 years and have also trained with Mark.

Both are incredibly experienced and dynamic instructors.

Lea has an amazing array of talents...PT, Boxing, Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Dorn and Scenar Therapy and Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage. All of these she practices to a very high level, and always with a focus on form and keeping it safe.

If you want to risk injury with a less experienced trainer, be my guest. If you want to train effectively and safely and still have a great time, these are your people!!!

Carol McPhail

Classes Overview: Testimonials
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